PolygonBoyz NFT is on a mission to make the NFT world a whole lot more fun! This dynamic community is made up of creative individuals who are passionate about the NFT space and the Polygon network. They are coming together to build something truly special - a brand that represents all that is exciting and innovative about this new frontier.

PolygonBoyz Collection!

We are a community of 10,000 PolygonBoyz Riding the Purple waves of polygon and building something truly unique on the network!
The PolygonBoyz DAO index fund. The fund will be designed to invest in a diversified portfolio of NFTs and DeFi assets. The community will have a direct say in the fund’s investments through the DAO.

Road Map

Roadmap for PloygonBoyz NFT Project:

The PolygonBoyz project aims to create a decentralized investment fund:

the DAO Index Fund, that operates on the blockchain technology using 60% of the funds generated from the sale of PolygonBoyz NFTs. The fund will invest in high-quality NFT projects and digital assets to add long-term value to the NFT collection holders. The remaining 40% of the funds will be allocated towards marketing, research, and development of the project.

Building the PolyBank:

PolyBank is the platform that will manage the DAO Index Fund and provide PolygonBoyz holders with the ability to vote on proposals and view the fund’s portfolio and performance.

Building $FUNN while having FUNN:
The $FUNN token is the utility token of the PolygonBoyz and Polygon Ecosystem and will be earned through staking PolygonBoyz NFTs. There will only be 11 million $FUNN tokens ever created.

Creator royalties of 6% will be split into three use cases:
35% of the royalties from trading volume will go towards the token liquidity,
35% will go towards the DAO Index Fund, and
30% will go towards building the project and covering expenses.

The overall aim of the project is to bring long-term value to the holders and community while having a good time doing it.

Picture coming soon for those that hate reading roadmaps

Join us on the Polygon network and let’s ride the purple waves together!

Our Team

Lead Artists
Lead Artist for PolygonBoyz. I wipe out art like its nothing AI Art got nothing on me hommie! I'm one of the Co-Founders PolygonBoyz.
Community Chiefs
I have a ton of experince helping communities build their project. I spend most of my time talking about Elon Musk and Kayne West. I'm one of the Co-Founders PolygonBoyz.
Holy Andrew
Lead Developer
I Love building stuff! I work every waking hour of the day and when I'm not spending it with my daughter. I'm one of the Co-Founders PolygonBoyz.